Stay Hydrated This Summer

Summer is the season when you sweat too much and get dehydrated. As soon as the temperature rises, it becomes important to drink much so that you get a good hydration. If you can keep your body temperature normal by drinking enough fluid, your heart will remain stable as it would easily pump in blood through the blood vessels and makes it enter its muscle. Thus the muscle can easily start working efficiently. Serious condition faced by people during summer is dehydration. This is the particular period when heat strokes become very common.

During summer, you constantly experience fatigue and hence feel sweaty also. In this way, you experience loss of energy. When you are travelling, you feel even more dehydrated, because the scorching rays of the sun grab away the moisture from your body.

Effects of Dehydration On Body

Dehydration occur in body when you are losing or using more fluid than you are taking in.

The effects of dehydration on body could differ by age.

In young child

  • No tears when crying
  • lack of urine discharge
  • dry mouth and tongue
  • irritation
  • sunked eyes

In Adults

  • confusion all the time
  • fatigue
  • dizziness
  • dark coloured urine
  • dull skin colour

How To Overcome Dehydration

The very best way to overcome the dehydration is by intaking more fluids than you are using in a day.

You could do this so easily by following these simple techniques :

Start your day with a glass

Make it a goal to start each day by drinking a full glass of water to get a head start on your fluids. Try putting a glass of water by your bed to drink right after you wakeup. The requirements of fluids intake could differ by age and weight. You can track your daily need of water by using this calculator .

Add a flavour to your drink

If you’re tired of plain water, add strawberries, cucumber, lemon or mint to flavor your water. You could also use fruits and vegetable juices to provide you the extra essential nutrition.

Use fluids rich fruits and veggies

There are many fruits and vegetables that can help you to meet your requirements for hydration like :-

  • Watermelon ( water content: 92%)
  • Strawberry ( water content: 91%)
  • Cucumber ( water content: 95%)
  • Cantaloupe ( water content: 90%)
  • Oranges ( water content: 93%)
  • Tomatoes ( water content: 94%)

The Bottom Line

Staying hydrated is extremely important for your overall health.

Health experts often recommend drinking several glasses of water per day to meet your hydration needs, but the water content of foods is often overlooked.

While drinking water is important, you can consume a significant amount of water by including a variety of water-rich fruits, vegetables and dairy products in your diet.

This is why most people don’t necessarily have to drink a lot of water.

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